Nature’s Naneghat

Approx. 50 km. away from Kalyan and just after the village Tokawde , the road to Naneghat trek starts. No one of us ever gone to that place, it was a last moment trek planning where five of us had headed towards exploring natural beauty of Naneghat, just before the well-known Malsej ghat, with an information from Wikipedia that “Naneghat is a mountain pass in the Western Ghats range near Junnar in Pune district of Maharashtra, India. During the reign of the Satavahana (200 BCE–190 CE), the pass was extensively used as a trade route between Kalyan and Junnar.”


It was seems to be a simple nature trek in the beginning, with beautiful view of landscapes and clouds floating far away near the peak of the hill. The freshness of air was making us energies. Going out of the city after a long time, it was just an “WOW” moment for all trying to embrace the greenery as much as possible and capturing the scenic view with smart phones. Within an hour of walking, we started entering in to the jungle terrains following the path alongside the waterfalls and the beautiful flora and fauna of the nature.  Initially conscious on our shoes, we started walking through the streams flowing across the route with a let go attitude.  The trek route started getting more and more adventurous without any landmark for direction. We started entering in to the rocky lane. The only thing guiding us was the peak of the ghat and the only motivation was to touch it.  The more we are getting in to the floating clouds, it was seems to be at far from us. Though enroute few of us wanted to return, we started inspiring each other to reach up to the top. After climbing few steps of rocks we met a local person of that place coming down from the peak. On request he willingly escorted us up to the Top. The nature trek became three hours of adventure trek. Atlast we hold the clouds and the sprinkling rains making us feel the accomplishment of the trek. “WOW we did it…” The view from Top was amazing. We were trying to make out the route we had followed, but the clouds brushing up the canvas view. There was a cave at the top and many people were coming from the other side to enjoy the weather.

There were few small Dhabas were there to cook and serve food on order basis with a menu of Zunka and Bhakari. Though we all had carried some food from home, the menu made us to try the traditional Bhakri and Zunka. It was awesome … and took away all our tiredness.
In most of the trekking the climbing is tough and coming down is easy, but here the rain has created slippery surfaces and made our path more difficult to climb down. With carefully placing our steps we managed to come down and it took approx four hours to reach to our vehicle.

Best Time to Visit: September – January
 Please don’t spoil the nature by throwing plastics or other stuffs here and there. 



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