Serene Sudhagad

Situated approx. 109 km from Mumbai towards Mumbai-Pune Highway, Sudhagad is simply a calm and beautiful place to go for a trek. While going from Mumbai to Pune on express way you have to take a turn towards Khapoli and go towards Pali village. Sudhagad is approx. 10 km from Pali and a well known destination among the locals since many people rush to this place for trekking post monsoon season.  The history takes back to the Bhor Dynasty when the fort was known as Bhorapgad after the presiding deity Bhorai Devi. Bhamani Sultanate captured it in 1436 and then Marathas in 1657 who named it to “Sudhagad”.There are two caves Thanale Caves and Khadsamble caves are also nearby. It is really an adventure journey to reach to the top . Very large plateau on top with numerous lakes and ponds. Many visits the place during Amavasya to get the clear view of stars and far away constellations.

Don’t forget to prepare yourself with trekking gears while planning to trek sudhagad. During monsoon the place is full of waterfalls . Best time to visit is post monsoon i.e during Sept-Oct or else during winter. Keep time for checkin at Pali Ganpati for blessings 🙂


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