Sajan Wada Trek

The perfect place to hangout on weekend for a day or two with friends, colleagues ; Village Sajan , situated appprox 50-60 km from Thane. We had a one day trip for a trekking. We had booked the resort “Naturetrails” and taken a guide from the resort for the trek.

 Thane—-> Bhiwandi——>Wada—->Village Sajan

 Resort : NatureTrail

 Though the resort provides many other activities like rappling, kayaking, valley crossing etc, we had gone for a nature trekking around the Moho Khurd Dam covering approx 15-20 km. it took almost 4-5 hrs to complete the trek.

One can have a complete day activity in the resort itself. It is a very well managed resort ad the food provided was simply awesome. They provide the facility to stay overnight with there various type of accommodation. One can check their website for further details.


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