Nashik located in the North-West part of the state of Maharashtra and is situated at 700 m (2,300 ft) from the mean sea level. It is the third largest city in the state after Mumbai and Pune. From Mumbai it is 171 km and from Pune it is 210 km distance. It is very well connected through highways. This is also a city of pilgrimage and a popular destination for the people of the religion Hindu, Jains & Buddhist. The association of the city with Indian mythology like the epic “Ramayana” makes it more historical as well as spiritual.

It is also known as the Wine Capital of India, with lots of grapes farming and few winery like Sula Wine and Soma Wine established a new attraction for tourist. Every year the Sula Wine festival during first week of February attracts thousands of people from around the city as well as other cities of India. With the touch of modernity and local tradition, Nasik is a classic example of a city that maintained the balance and still growing in pace with other developing cities.

It is the 5th time I visited Nasik and still I find this place a unique place to live and very peaceful. The first time I had visited during the year 2010 was to the famous Trimbakeshwar temple situated approx. 30 km from Nasik city. The spiritual destination is also a pilgrimage place for many. It is a religious place that occupy special position in the beliefs of every Hindu . One reason is that it is among the 12 ‘JYOTIRLINGAS’ dedicated to Lord Shiva.

The ‘Kumbh Mela’ which is the largest mass Hindu pilgrimage, is held here every twelve years in the City of Nasik attract around 10 Crore people to the City.

Apart from many historical & entertainment destination, the city is also known for its cuisines, fruits  and those who loves to eat will never forget the taste of the city. Some of the good destinations for local cuisines are Sadhana Restaurant for Missal Pav and Jalebi, Tara paan for the Paan


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