Nature’s Naneghat

Explore India through my Lenses

Approx. 50 km. away from Kalyan and just after the village Tokawde , the road to Naneghat trek starts. No one of us ever gone to that place, it was a last moment trek planning where five of us had headed towards exploring natural beauty of Naneghat, just before the well-known Malsej ghat, with an information from Wikipedia that “Naneghat is a mountain pass in the Western Ghats range near Junnar in Pune district of Maharashtra, India. During the reign of the Satavahana (200 BCE–190 CE), the pass was extensively used as a trade route between Kalyan and Junnar.”

It was seems to be a simple nature trek in the beginning, with beautiful view of landscapes and clouds floating far away near the peak of the hill. The freshness of air was making us energies. Going out of the city after a long time, it was just an “WOW” moment…

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