The Sacred Sarnath

The City located approx. 13 km from Varanasi is having a rich history connected with Budhism.

After achieving enlightenment at Bodhgaya, Gautam Buddha came to Sarnath to preach his message on the way of life to achieve Nirvana. When the Chinese traveler Xuan Zang was at Sarnath during 640 AD, there were around 1500 monks living here in the monasteries. The magnificent Stupas and monasteries were erected by Emperor Ashok during 3rd Century BC.

After travelling through the city of Varanasi, when I reached Sarnath it was a mesmerizing experience for me. The ambience that make you feel to be connected with the history of Budhism and the rich culture during those days. I think during those days these cities were the most beautiful and spiritual place in India.

Nearest Airport is Varanasi and it is well connected with all bigger cities of India. I must say the India tour doesn’t get completed without Varanasi and the Varanasi trip doesn’t get completed without visiting Sarnath.

Come here to Learn, introspect and understand the moment called Life….



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