The Gonasika Trails

Inside the hills approx. around 45 km from the district Keonjhar in the state of Odisha (India), a story resides. For the tribals the God is the nature and it appears in different forms within the nature. May be because of this believes the world exists in its forms today by keeping this nature alive.

“Gonasika” as the name depicts, means “the nose of Cow” in the local language. The river Ganga is the life line of India and is appears in different forms at different geographical areas. It is a belief by the locals of Gonasika that one the stream of river Ganga appears here through the nose of a Cow i.e the origin of the steam is through a structure looks like a cow’s nose. This stream is afterwards turn in to a river know as River Baitarani. The temple of Brahmeshwar Mahadev is situated here.

Though this place is connected with good roads , it is traveled mainly be the people from the nearest district. The place is considered highly sacred and a bath here is believed to bring religious merit. On the occasion of the Baruni Jatra many people from different parts of the district and the neighboring district visit Gonasika for the holy dip.

The nearest town for accommodation is the Keonjhar District, which is approx. 4 Hrs driving distance from Bhubaneswar (the capital of Odisha).


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