Kamakhya Temple

Kamakhya temple is a unique temple in India, located on the Nilachal hill in the city of Guwahati in Assam. The deity of the temple, Kamakhya Devi is revered as the “Bleeding Goddess”. It is one of the oldest of the 51 Shakti Pithas. It is an important pilgrimage destination for Hindu.  Also, a place of importance for the tantric worshippers.

The Temple is about 20 km from Guwahati Airport.

It was not a planned trip for me to the temple. I was in Guwahati for few days and just planned one day to visit the temple because of its historical as well as religious importance.  Went to the temple early morning at around 7 am  but there was a long queue. I was told that the devotees come to the temple at around 5 am in the morning for worship. I took a round of the temple and found that there are four chambers and the deity is placed at the garbhagriha. The other three chambers are calanta, pancharatna and the nritya mandapa.  The Devotee standing in the queue were waiting to go near to the deity in the garbhagriha. Since I didn’t have much time that day, I just went inside one chamber close to the garbhagriha and offered my prayer from there.

It is believed that the garbhagriha of the temple houses the mythical womb and vagina of the Hindu goddess Shakti. It is also believed every year during the month of June when the Brahmaputra river near the temple turns red i.e the menstruates period of goddess.

It was a different experience to be at the Kamakhya temple.  I pray the Goddess Shakti to bless everyone with positive thoughts ,energy and a healthy life.


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