Samdruptse Monastery

One of the must place to visit in Sikkim. Quite different from any other part of the country, this is one of the beautiful place that offer a different taste to the eyes. This is Samdruptse Monastery

Where is Samdruptse Monastery situated ?

Namchi, a beautiful small  town at a distance of 78 kilometres from the state capital Gangtok and 100 kilometres from the town of Siliguri.

5 km away from the town Namchi, at an altitude of 2134 m (7000 ft) the beautiful Samdruptse Monastery is situated. You can see a giant statue of the Guru Padmasambhava (Guru Rinpoche). It is a 45 m tall statue, overlooking the whole city, and is gilded with gold that glitters when the sunlight falls over it. The whole mood of the place is serene and peaceful with continuous soft chanting of “Om Manu Padme Hum” floating in the air. The view from here is amazing. You can also see Char Dham Shiva statue from here.

Some Myths Some Facts Some Story :

It is said that the Samdruptse hill is actually a dormant volcano. Myths say that the Buddhist monks have been going on top of the hill and offering prayers to the volcano to keep it calm.

How to reach?

Easily accessible by road from Gangtok and also from Siliguri.

Where to Stay?

It can be a one day trip from Gangtok. One can also stay at Namchi a beautiful small town.


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