The place located in North of Nashik city in Maharashtra
River Godavari flows through Nashik and its Northern part is called as Panchavati. A place in the bank of Godavari River is surrounded by ancient temples and bounded by rituals. Godavari is revered as the ‘Ganges of the south’.    The famous Ganga ghat here was said to have built by Ahilyabai Holkar. The Ganga ghat looks majestic and stunningly incredible in the evening

Interesting Facts;

  • Panchavati, the name of the forest home of Rama, during his exile, in Ramayana. It is said that lord Shri Ram and Sita along with Laxman stayed at Panchavati for some time
  • The area is called Panchavati based on the five Banyan (Vad) trees
  • There are Three Kund: Ram Kund, Laxman Kund & Sita Kund. It is said that Shri Prabhu Ramchandra use to come here for bathing during their stay in Panchavati.
  • On the western door of the Kalaram temple is Sita Gumpha (cave) where Sita is said to have stayed for some time, when Ravana came to kidnap her as a revenge of Laxman cutting nose of his sister Surpanakha.
  • ‘Laxman Rekha’ drawn by Laxman for protection of Sita is located around one kilometer from the caves.

The Ramkunda is a place where the residual bones after funeral of dead body are disposed and some rituals are performed. It is a strong belief of Hindus that this ritual gives Moksha to the departed soul.

Due to a large number of people visiting the place regularly, the water and place in general has become dirty, but still it doesn’t stop the pilgrims to take holy dip due to the spiritual attraction and devotion. During Kumbh Mela People from all over World visit the place to have a holy bath. It is said during Kumbh mela if you have holy bath in this water then all your sins are washed off.

For a photographer it is a paradise during Kumbh Mela. May be after 3-4 hours of exploring, this place can just be a tick mark and move on to explore many other beautiful places across Nashik City.



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