Dolphin Safari at Satapada


Flowing in to the Bay of Bengal, Chilika Late is a water lagoon on the east coast of Odisha. It is also the largest coastal lagoon in India and second largest in the world after the New Caledonian barrier reef in New Caledonia. Satapada is at one side of Chilika Late and is known for its good number of habitats of Dolphins.

I travelled from the temple town of Puri by road for approx. 48 KM. The road trip provides a glimpse of villages of Odisha in the Coastal town with many waterbodies and vegetation at both the sides of the Road. The road ends at Satapada jetty for boat rides. Not much development compare to any other tourist places of but it was well organized for a Dolphin Trip. The Boat rides in Chilika Lake itself is an experience of life time. And if you are keen photographer then it is a paradise during winter since a large number of migratory birds flock around the Lagoon.

A small restaurant available at Satapada where food can be ordered in advance. They prepare some delicious Seafood worth having after the 3 hours boating. The boat took me inside and since my purpose was to watch the Dolphins there was no hurry for me as well as the boatman to wonder any other places around the lake. Though there are many other beautiful places around and inside the Lake. After boating for almost an hour we reach to the mouth opening point of Chilika lake to the Sea where the river water meet with the Sea. It was quiet and calm everywhere and I could hear the sounds of the Dolphins playing around us. The Dolphin family swimming and playing around the boat and sometimes giving a pose for the photographs. It was like they were playing hide and seek with the camera and finally I decided to stop chasing for photography and start enjoying watching them. The snacks bought at the jetty was use full at this moment when I was enjoying my snacks while watching the Dolphins playing around me.

After an hour we decided to return back and it was time for me to enjoy the Seafood ordered in advance. Then I started my journey towards Bhubaneswar, nearly 100 km from Saatapada


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